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Kolegium Europejskie is an elementary school, middle school, and high school with the IB program. Small class size allows for an individual approach to each student which provides a quick and stress-free integration with other students and teachers. All teachers are bilingual and many of them are also university teachers with the highest levels of education (PhDs).

Classes at the elementary school are conducted according to the Polish national educational program, in which we have an increased the number of English hours to 8, including classes with a native speaker. We also accept students from abroad who speak English. We help them in adapting to the program through additional classes in Polish as a second language, if needed.

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Classes at the second and third year of high school are conducted in English according to IB curriculum. Kolegium Europejskie is one of the IB World School with the richest and oldest traditions in Poland. We help students to learn and to prepare them to work with people of many other nationalities, cultures, or religions. We are proud to provide an IB education since 2004 for students from Poland, USA, Canada, England, Ukraine, Russia, China, Vietnam, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, and others. In our educational offer is a prestigious IB Diploma Program which gives students the opportunity to choose subjects that interest them at different levels (SL/HL). We offer:

Group 1 - Studies in language and literature: Polish, English, German, and Russian literature.

Group 2 - Language acquisition: English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian.

Group 3 - Individuals and societies: Business management, Economics, Geography, Psychology, and History.

Group 4 - Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science.

Group 5 - Mathematics: Mathematic and Mathematical studies.

Group 6 - The Arts: Visual Arts

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Our school does not provide accommodation and boarding for students from outside the city, but we offer advice and assistance in finding such a place for our student.

The cost of accommodation is  approximately - 100 EUR/month.


Our high school graduates are studying at prestigious universities around the world.

We have the best cost effective teaching ratio in Europe among 90 schools across Europe.

We are ranked second among the most prestigious schools teaching in English in Poland.

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