International Baccalaureate IB

International Baccalaureate IB (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme -IB DP) in The College of Europe in Krakow it is 2 years program of education which is realized in our school during  two last grades of High School. Exclusive which is considered to be the best educational program in the worl for creative, skillful students who eager to have challenges and develop their interests inspired the management of the school 13 years ago to transform our school into the first in Krakow and also in the southern Poland  school which has given young people the opportinity to be educated in this system. The Program IB DP promotes intercultural mobility which gives an opportunity to become a student of any international universities among which prestigious  Polish universities and where our graduates studies. We support not only the idea of comprehensive education — The College of Europe puts a great emphasis on education students in the spirit of IB learner profile devoting much attention as to the overall development as to the educatation of students at different levels. In our school a student not only gets knowledge in various areas but also learns how to use it  practically during  classes in the biological and chemical laboratory or physical workshop. Our grauates are eloquent young people who are curious about the world, confident, they aren“t afraid of new challenges but they are able to make good choices, plan their future well with thoughts about others. They are future citizens of Europe and the world with open minds and with ideas about their adult life. The International Baccalaurete Organization with the headquaters in Geneva constantly control over the right implementation and the level of implementation of the International Baccalaureate program in  the College of Europe. The program of education and organization of education in IB classes in the College of Europe (classes II and III HS) — realization of the program of International Baccalaureate. The Program of Diploma consists of some elements the realization of which is required to get IB diploma. The first requirement is studying 6 subjects which are selected by a student  from available subject groups and taking matura exam from each of them. All subjects in IB educational program are taught in English language except Polish language and foreign languages. A student has to select 3 subjects on the standart level (SL -Standart Level) and 3 subjects on the Higher Level (HL — Higher Level).

The College of Europe offers a choice the following subjects from 6 groups:

Group 1: native language /language A1/ - Polish Literature — levels SL and HL- English Literature -levels SL and HL — German Literature -level HL

Group 2: native language/language B/ -English language -level HL-German Language - levels ab initio (from beginning), SL,HL — Spanish Language  levels ab initio (from beginning) and SL -Russian Language- levels ab initio (from beginning), SL -French language — levels ab initio (from beginning), SL, HL

Group 3: Social science /Individuals and Society/ -History -levels SL and HL -Geography -levels SL and HL — Business Management -levels SL and HL — Economy -levels SL and HL

Group 4: Experimental Science -Biology-levels SL and HL -Chemistry-levels SL and HL -Physics -levels SL and HL — Computer Science (informatics)-levels SL and HL

Group 5: Mathematics — education at 3 different levels: Mathematical Studies (basic) - Mathematics SL (standard) - Mathematics HL(high)

Group 6: In this group there are subjects which are connected with the wide understanding of art — due to the low interest in these subjects there is a generally accepted practice in IBO to substitute subjects from these groups by subjects from groups 2, 3 or 4.

Every subject at the Standart Level (SL) is implemented in a quantity of four hours per week (it is 150 hours of classes  during two years) and every subject at the High Level (HL) is implemented in a quantity of six hours per week (it is minimum 240 hours of classes).

Besides learning six selected subjects the next obligatory element of the IB DP program is the course of Theory of Knowledge (TOK). It is the interdisciplinary subject aimed  the basics of cognitive theory and critical thinking. The Theory of Knowledge is the core of the IB Dimploma Program. TOK is aimed to teach to ask questions, adopt a critical and reflective attitude towards any available knowledge. Students are also acquainted with  mathematics, science, art, ethics, social sciences  knowledge and with ways of gaining knowledge as language, sensory cognition, mind, emotions, intuition.

The third element of IB DP program education is CAS (Creativity-Activity-Service) program (150 hours) which is aimed to the comprehensive development of a personality: the mind (Creativity), physical efficiency (Activity) and also social sensitivity (Service). The implementation is through various forms of activity and student’s self-improvement. This program is aimed to create counterbalance for the main school knowledge, make students be aware of  the modern world’s problems and develop students pro-social attitude, appreciate the potential of the human mind and spirit, develop a balance between physical and spiritual aspects of a personality. CAS promotes tolerance, respect and understanding of different and not similar.  This subject gives students a possibility and opportunity to gain unforgettable experience, abilities, develop of self-confidence and also educate themselves in the way of having willingness to help other people and be open towards other people. Thanks to active participating in different projects or sport or social students have an opportunity to share their skills and knowledge with others and become empathic citizens of the world who are able to work in a group and for a group.

The last and extremely essential element of the IB Diploma Program is Extended Essay. Every student of IB class has to write a research work during 2 terms with author’s scientific research of a selected subject connected with one of the IB subject. During that period of time a student of the European College is working with his or her promoter whose task is to monitor student’s progress. The work has to include at about 4000 words. The goal of the Extended Essay, among others, is  to motivate a student to develop research, reasoning and analyze skills, conduct a research of a chosen problem, stimulate the ability of a critical thinking and develop skills of organizing own work and systematic. These works, the same as IB exams, are checked by external examiners. Mentioned above elements TOK,CAS and Extended Essay are the main part in IB classes and make this program quite different from others which are possible to be implemented in High School.

Every young person who is under the care of the College of Europe, who chooses the International Baccalaureate program has a unique opportunity to study and develop own potential. We help students to build own success; we believe that everybody is able to achieve outstanding results in different areas of life. We support students’ self-development through self-reflection, estimating as own strengths and as areas which some demand  attention. In the College of Europe we develop respect to others and self-confidence to develop students’  courage and independence to create  new tasks, goals and defend them in new situations. We encourage our students to be self-discipline, have moral and spiritual awareness, we create the opportunity for the health system of values, responsible attitude  and develop leadership skills. The core of the program is self-discovery, educational enthusiasm, cultural diversity respect and civil responsibility. The International Baccalaureate program  allows young people to be well-educated and work with people from different countries and with people of different nationalities and religions. We encourage students to work for a society and we believe that international education can ot be limited as to information, it should develop tolerance towards people all over the world. The College of Europe is not only the theory it is also practice, every year students all over the world join our school. It is that international atmosphere which makes the idea of IB DP possible to be realized for 100% every day at our school.

We strongly believe that the program which has realization in the  College of Europe together with IB program is the best start for future for a young person.